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A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Bathroom Renovation in Wollongong

Specialists in bathroom renovations in Wollongong

Are you tired of your dull and outdated bathroom? 

Bathroom Renovations Wollongong understand how important it is to have a comfortable, relaxing, and stylish sanctuary at home. Our team are experienced professionals in all aspects of bathroom renovations that will help bring life back into the area making it perfect for those much-needed bubble baths after a long day on the job. We’ll transform your old space into something modern, stylish and refreshingly unique. 

By using our professional services, we guarantee excellent results suited to meet both functional as well as aesthetic needs – all within budget! Our top priority is customer satisfaction which means delivering great quality outcomes with minimal downtime so you can start enjoying your new oasis sooner rather than later. 

Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (02) 4003 6408, or browse through our Wollongong bathroom renovations website to see what we can offer!

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Assess your needs and decide on the purpose of the renovation

Your needs and the purpose of the renovation should dictate a bathroom renovation. Your needs or purpose for renovation could include the following:

– Increasing storage and space efficiency

– Upgrading fixtures or appliances to improve energy and water efficiency

– Creating a wetroom for improved accessibility

– Enhancing ambience and aesthetics with stylish tiles, fixtures, etc.

– Adding features such as heated floors, motion sensors, etc.

Once you have established your needs and purpose, you can start planning your renovation.

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Plan the layout of the new bathroom

The layout of your bathroom is important. You need to consider the type of fixtures, lighting, and space you will need for your renovation. This includes choosing locations for the bath or shower, toilet, sink and other bathroom accessories such as storage cabinets. Planning a layout should also include taking into account plumbing and electrical work that needs to be done in order to complete the renovation.

There are different layout designs to choose from. For example, you can opt for a traditional setup or go for an open-plan style. You should also think about how much natural light the bathroom will receive and where to place windows if necessary.

Choose materials and fixtures.

The materials and fixtures you choose will have a major impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom renovation. From tiles to countertops, fixtures such as showers, taps and toilets – everything needs to be carefully chosen to match the colour scheme of the room.

Consider storage solutions. A key part of any bathroom design is finding ways to maximize storage space without compromising on style. You should also think about how to make the room look clutter-free and stylish.

Take into account any extra features you may want, such as heated floors, towel warmers or a steam shower. These added extras can add an extra touch of luxury to your bathroom renovation but will also come with an additional cost.

Hire a contractor

A contractor is a key part of any bathroom renovation project. They will be able to help with the entire process, from planning and design right through to execution. Ensure that you hire a reputable contractor who has good references and is experienced in all aspects of bathroom renovations.

Finalize details and enjoy your new bathroom!

A bathroom renovation is not over until you incorporate personal style into the space. You do this by; selecting paint and tile colours, choosing accessories such as towel racks, mirrors and shower curtains, selecting furniture pieces if desired and adding any extra special touches like heated floors or a steam shower. Once you have finalized all the details of your renovation, make sure to enjoy your new bathroom!

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Why choose us?

It’s important to love the space you’re in and feel comfortable while getting ready for your day or relaxing after a long one. If your bathroom doesn’t make you feel this way, it may be time for a change. A bathroom renovation can be just what you need to breathe new life into your home. Call Bathroom Renovations Wollongong for all your needs big or small, from taps and tiles to full room renovations. We are experts in the field and would be happy to provide you with a quote today.

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